££££'s 4 U


Are you an animal charity/rescue in search of much-needed funds???


We are passionate about animals. And we want to help people like YOU who make it their life's

work to help them.


It's easy. Just let us know you want in, and we'll supply you with a code.

Point your supporters to our site through your own website or Facebook/Twitter pages,

tell them to insert your code at the PayPal stage of their order, and you will receive 20% -

that's right 20% of the total order value!! That's £2.40 for every adult t-shirt that your

supporters buy, or £3.60 for every adult hoodie! For you to spend on whatever you like.

From food, bedding, medication, or just simply a cuddly toy for the little furbabes to cuddle

up to. You can't lose. And more importantly, THEY can't lose.


Just email us at info@no2animalcruelty.co.uk and we'll get straight back to you.